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Rishi Taparia - Issue #74

This week we look at the best of 2018, the holiday season retail sales, Hans Morris' view on fintech

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December 30 · Issue #74 · View online
Links and posts largely on what I find interesting or compelled to write about. Expect a lot of fintech, commerce and tech related posts, but I promise there will be hodgepodge of random tidbits as well!

This week we look at the best of 2018, the holiday season retail sales, Hans Morris’ view on fintech investing, Apple’s decision to manufacture iPhones in India, Isaac Asimov’s predictions for 2019 (from 1984…) and more! Enjoy.

2018: a word of thanks and a request!
In this final newsletter of the year I wanted to first thank all of you for choosing to add this to your reading list. I do my best to curate relevant and interesting content for your inboxes every week based on what I’ve read, offering my quick take in order to provide context, rationale and spark some curiosity that may not have existed previously. In an effort to improve, I love your feedback and input. Thank you again, and I hope you have a great 2019 ahead!
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2018's Greatest Hits
Stores Finishing the Holidays on a High Note
Amazon Alexa Shopping Tripled as Bose, Nerf Topped Holiday Sales
Sears Is Dying, but Workers’ Loyalty Lives On
Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Ralph Lauren
Nyca Partners’ Hans Morris hunts for great fintech investments amid volatility
Exclusive: Foxconn to begin assembling top-end Apple iPhones in India in 2019
How Netflix works: the (hugely simplified) complex stuff that happens every time you hit Play
Random Tidbits
35 years ago, Isaac Asimov was asked by the Star to predict the world of 2019. Here is what he wrote
The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting
New Life for Old Classics, as Their Copyrights Run Out
Quote I’ve been thinking about: “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language, And next year’s words await another voice.” ― T.S. Eliot
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